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Environment Minister Greg Hunt backflips on solar rebate


Source: SMH, 14 June 2014

Greg Hunt was forced into a humiliating backflip by senior colleagues after the Environment Minister re-announced a half billion-dollar solar power policy without the Prime Minister’s permission.

The Sun Herald can reveal Mr Hunt took his colleagues by surprise when he announced to an industry gathering last November that the Coalition was committed to its $500 million "one million solar roofs" program.

Mr Hunt described the flagship solar program – which provided $500 rebates for installing one million rooftop solar energy systems over the next 10 years – as a
"shining beacon" of the Abbott government’s Direct Action climate policy. 

But Mr Hunt’s "shining beacon", a leftover from the 2010 election campaign, had not been approved by Prime Minister Tony Abbott or his top economic ministers. 

Mr Abbott’s lack of interest in climate change is understood by his colleagues, and has been a focus of media attention in the past week as he met with US President Barack Obama.

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