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Shock and Gore: Clive Palmer shows his hand


Source: The Age, 26 June 2014

Clive Palmer has thrown into chaos Tony Abbott's plan to abolish the carbon tax, demanding the Prime Minister instead create an emissions trading scheme that would swing into action when Australia's major trading partners adopt similar measures.

A day before Mr Palmer sits down with Mr Abbott to discuss the federal budget and the government's signature pledge to repeal the carbon tax, the erratic Palmer United Party leader was joined by former US vice-president Al Gore to announce his position on a suite of climate change legislation.

Mr Palmer said his trio of senators would move to enshrine in law a guarantee that energy producers pass on to households the benefits of repealing the carbon tax, while they would also move to block the government's plans to scrap the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and potentially wind back the Renewable Energy Target, which mandates 41,000 gigawatt-hours of electricity be produced by large clean energy sources by 2020.

The abolition of the independent Climate Change Authority would also be opposed.

Mr Palmer said his party would move to legislate an emissions trading scheme with a starting price of zero dollars.

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