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Carbon tax and national debt limit on Parliamentary agenda


Source: abc.net.au, 13 November 2013


The hurley-burley of federal politics will resume in the nation's capital today as the major parties prepare to clash over legislation to repeal the carbon pricing scheme and increase the nation's debt limit.

The 44th Parliament was officially opened yesterday in a day of day of ritual and formality.

Today the business of Parliament will begin with Prime Minister Tony Abbott set to table legislation to axe the carbon and mining taxes.

But it faces defeat in the Senate, with Labor and the Greens refusing to support it.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt has urged the parties to reconsider, saying the electorate clearly rejected Labor's climate change policy.

"There's really no excuse after a comprehensive election result for saying to the Australian people 'we don't care what you think, we don't care how you vote'," he said.

"In the end this is an act of contempt for democracy, the way in which the Labor Party is treating the election result."

Business groups have also joined forces to pressure Labor and the Greens to let the legislation through before the end of the year.

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