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Greens target anti-wind farm lobby group Waubra Foundation


Source: abc.net.au, 7 November 2013


The Greens have launched a bid to muzzle one of Australia's most prominent anti-wind farm lobbies.

The Waubra Foundation is named after the tiny north-western Victorian town of Waubra, which is home to more than 120 wind turbines and about 500 residents.

Chief executive officer Sarah Laurie travels around the country, highlighting the alleged health problems wind turbines cause.

But the National Health and Medical Research Council has said there is insufficient scientific evidence linking wind turbines with health problems.

And the Greens say there is no credible scientific or medical body that supports the existence of wind turbine syndrome.

Yet the Waubra Foundation collects donations as a health promotion charity and can accept tax deductible donations.

Greens Senator Richard di Natale says that beggars belief.

"We are, as a community, making a huge public contribution to the Waubra Foundation," he said.

"[The organisation] being granted status as a health charity means that they are the beneficiary of enormous public subsidies.

"Those public subsidies are being used to spread misinformation about wind energy and its health impacts."

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