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Power plants drag feet on emissions cuts


Source:The Age, 12 September 2013

Heavy-polluting power plants have detailed ''clean investment plans'' in exchange for $1 billion in carbon price compensation delivered this month, revealing limited, or even no, action at some generators to improve emissions rates.

The reports, including those from six Victorian brown coal plants, were handed to the federal government in August and uploaded to the Energy Department's website in recent days.

They detail what measures, if any, are being taken to reduce the rate of greenhouse gas emissions for the electricity produced, and were a requirement for receiving free carbon permits in September under the multibillion-dollar compensation deal.

The outgoing Labor government has said the generator compensation is necessary to ensure energy security and to compensate for the loss of plant value under the carbon price.

In its report, the owners of the Latrobe Valley-based EnergyBrix power and briquette plant, said they had no such plans. Energy-Brix received $28 million in free carbon permits this month. It is also being supported by a $50 million government bailout to keep it operating until mid-2014.

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