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NSW Govt. forces retailers to accentuate carbon tax cost


climatespectator.com.au, 13 August, 2012:

The NSW Government will require electricity retailers as a condition of their licence to prominently disclose on household electricity bills the following text in red:

NSW Govt estimates that the Federal carbon tax and green energy schemes add about $316 a year to a typical 7MWh household bill - see ipart.nsw.gov.au

While the carbon tax is specifically singled out in this text, according to IPART its contribution is about half the total amount at $168 per annum. In addition this is likely to overestimate costs associated with the Renewable Energy Target because IPART calculated the cost of rooftop solar credits, known as STCs, at $40 when they have been trading between $26 to $30.

In addition this cost estimate includes costs associated with NSW Government initiatives - the Climate Change Levy and its energy efficiency tradeable certificates scheme.

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