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Energy groups want direct action detail


Source: Climate Spectator, 9 May 2013


Several leading Australian energy retailers and exploration groups have called for the Coalition to clarify exactly how its climate policy will work, according to the AFR.

Prominent executives at AGL Energy, Origin Energy and Santos all queried the direct action policy at a roundtable on energy yesterday.

 “A very valid question that we should all be asking ourselves is to say what actually is the detail of direct action,” AGL Energy chief executive Michael Fraser said, according to the AFR.

“If the Coalition wins government they are talking about conducting a white paper process around the design of direct action. It’s very valid to say we’d actually like to see that and understand the detail of what the alternative is to make up our minds as to what in fact is the better.”

Santos’ vice-president of strategy and corporate development, Peter Cleary, also asked for “more clarity”, while Origin chief executive, Grant King, said the Coalition had a “little bit of time” but “not an infinite amount” to determine exactly how the scheme will work, the AFR reported.