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Gillard Wakes Up To Electricity Price Disgrace


A great little piece that shows the true impact of network charges on energy users.

climatespectator.com.au, 7 August, 2012:

Julia Gillard will give a speech this afternoon, about two years late, which finally acknowledges that state government-owned electricity network companies have been ripping us off to the tune of billions of dollars.

While the media and opposition have been jumping up and down over the carbon price, they have been completely negligent in reporting on the main game behind a huge spike in electricity prices over the past five years. While much is made of the NBN, there has been precious little coverage of how government regulators signed-off on monopoly networks spending more than $40 billion within five years doing upgrades of poles and wires that it turns out we won't need. The chart below illustrates the huge blow-out in electricity prices that started in 2007, well before the carbon price came into effect in July this year.

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