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Runners' footsteps converted into electricity


Source: energyharvestingjournal.com, 8 April

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, commissioned an award-winning British cleantech firm to capture the kinetic energy from runners and spectators at this year's Schneider Electric Paris Marathon held yesterday, in the largest ever install of their unique technology.


Pavegen Systems installed over 25 metres of their energy harvesting tiles on the runner's course, spectator-viewing platforms, and at other key points along the route. Pavegen's innovative design converts the kinetic energy of footfall into electricity that is stored in a battery or used to power various applications such as street lighting, advertising, information displays, and communications technology. The Pavegen tiles flex 5mm when stepped on, converting up to 8 watts of kinetic energy over the duration of the footstep, i.e. 8 joules.


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