Labor supports establishment of Australian Energy Foundation with $4.7 million grant

Source: Media Release - ALP

26 Feb 2019

A Shorten Labor Government will support the establishment of the Australian Energy Foundation through the Moreland Energy Foundation with a $4.7 million establishment grant.

This national organisation will provide the community energy sector with the essential support, tools, services and investment it needs to grow. Working with Labor’s Community Renewable Network, the Foundation will guide community energy groups to commission and install community energy projects, and it will administer the investment throughout the lifetime of the projects.

The Australian Energy Foundation will:

  • set up national offices in capital cities
  • develop a resource toolkit including the legal, financial and engagement tools and templates to support the community energy groups nationally
  • develop a national training program to support the community energy sector
  • establish an initial funding pool to provide start-up funding for community energy projects
  • establish an innovation stream to investigate and incubate new models
  • support the development and installation of community energy projects

Australians love renewable energy because they know it saves them money and it’s good for the environment. Household solar installation has sky-rocketed from 7,000 homes in 2007 to around 2 million homes today.

Labor wants to make sure that all Australians have the opportunity to embraces this future, and maximise the jobs, industry and environmental benefits of renewable energy
The Liberals have had eleven energy policies since the 2016 election and after waging a five year war on renewable energy, they want to spend billions of taxpayers’ dollars on new, polluting coal-fired power stations.

Only a Shorten Labor Government will back community renewables, take action on climate change and deliver cheaper power.