Hydrogen, batteries, carbon capture: Australia’s emissions road map

Source: The Age

22 September 2020

Energy schemes using batteries, hydrogen and carbon capture will be the big winners in a federal plan to pour $18 billion over a decade into projects that could reduce carbon emissions.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor will name the priority targets on Tuesday in a technology road map that also promises “stretch goals” to cut the cost of energy storage in order to support wind and solar power.

And the priorities include two technologies, soil carbon and carbon capture, that environmentalists reject on the grounds they will not produce the “clean” energy their advocates claim.

The road map is meant to offer a framework for a spate of measures including Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s call last week for new investment in gas fields and gas-fired power, along with $1.9 billion in grants and loans announced on Thursday.

Mr Taylor will announce a new Technology Investment Advisory Council under Commonwealth chief scientist Alan Finkel to guide the plan, with federal investment agencies joining up to coordinate the spending.

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