‘Game-changer’: AGL’s big battery deal set to help rise of renewables

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

Energy giant AGL has committed to a $120 million battery to be built in Queensland that will strengthen the grid’s transition to renewable energy.

The lithium-ion battery, due to be built in 18 months by Vena Energy, will be a similar size to Australia’s largest battery build by Tesla in South Australia in 2017, with a capacity of 100 megawatts of electricity. It will be connected to a 1000 megawatt solar farm that is due to open in 2021. 

AGL chief executive Brett Redman commented on the project, saying “batteries will be pivotal to providing firming capacity when the sun isn’t shining, when the wind isn’t blowing and the market needs the capacity”.

This comes as the company, the nations largest energy generator, has already made further investments in battery technology to position itself as a market leader in the area. It has committed to a 15-year deal with renewable energy firm Maoneng Group to build four large scale batteries in New South Wales in time before the closure of it coal-fired generator Liddell in 2023.

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