Energy industry warns disjointed climate and energy policies risk network failure

Source: The Age

8 January 2021

Consumer groups, large power generators and retailers are calling on state and federal governments to pull together on energy policy, warning their go-it-alone approach coupled with the Morrison government’s lack of climate policy increases the risks of higher power prices and network failure.

Their warnings follow a plea from Kerry Schott, chair of the Commonwealth’s Energy Security Board, for “urgent” reforms to keep the energy grid resilient amid the disruption to existing systems and infrastructure from the rapid growth in renewable energy.

Energy Users’ Association of Australia chief executive Andrew Richards said state and federal governments all shouldered some of the blame for the current disjointed policy.

Driven by a need to replace ageing coal fired power plants, NSW and Victoria announced separate targets to drive more renewable energy into the grid.

Ms Schott said on Tuesday the rapid rise in renewables meant “coal plants will retire faster than anybody thinks” and called for a range of technical reforms to balance the grid such as energy storage, frequency control and reliability standards.

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