Climate of the Nation – The Australian Institute

Source: The Australian Institute

13 September 2019

The Australian Institute recently released the report, Climate of the Nation 2019: Tracking Australia’s attitudes towards climate change and energy. 

The key findings from the report showed that majority of Australian’s believed that climate change is occurring and that we, as a nation, are already experiencing the impacts. The extended drought in NSW and the multiple floods that have occurred in QLD over the past 5 years are evidence of that.

Australians have a solid preference for renewable energy over fossil fuels. Solar energy is the most preferred source of energy while coal was the second last.

Most people think that Australia should have a national emissions target, in line with state targets, and that the Federal government should take a leading role in climate action. Over half of Australian’s want the country to step up and take further action on climate change, to reach the Paris Agreement.

The high electricity prices have become a fixture in Australian politics lately. For most Australians, the excessive profit margins of electricity companies is to blame. Federal policy uncertainty or poor policy making was also a significant issue for many Australian’s.

Interestingly, the main identified cause for electricity price increases is over-investment in poles and wires, which is the least blamed factor according to Australians. This is indicative of the large gap between evidence and public perception.

Download the full report here