Australia’s grid could handle a huge leap in renewable power by 2025

Source: The Age

30th April 2020

Australia’s main electricity grid will be able to accommodate up to 75 per cent renewable energy as soon as 2025, a higher share delivered sooner than the most optimistic previous assessments.

Such a leap in renewable power on the grid could be managed by changes in market rules and regulations, the Australian Energy Market Operator, which manages the nation’s energy system, has said in a new study.

“Australia has the technical capability to operate a power system where three-quarters of our energy at times comes from renewable energy resources,” Audrey Zibelman, AEMO’s chief executive, said.

On Easter Saturday, renewables’ share of the NEM – which provides power to about 80 per cent of the population – topped 50 per cent.

There have been concerns that Australia’s grid, which was designed to connect to a handful of large scale generators, would not cope with the array of solar panels and wind turbines.

But in the new report, AEMO says it believes careful regulation of power generation can overcome these concerns.

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