AER releases Interim Reliability Instrument Guidelines for the Retailer Reliability Obligation

Source: AER

1 August 2019

The AER has released interim guidelines for the reliability instrument, an aspect of the Retailer Reliability Obligation (RRO) that came into effect on 1st July.

The RRO is a mechanism that comes into play if the market operator (AEMO) sees a ‘reliability gap’ in the coming five years. If a gap is identified 3 years and 3 months out, then the AER must decide whether to trigger the RRO or not. If the RRO is triggered, then liable entities will need to have sufficient contracts to cover their share of demand, and may need to prove this to the AER.

The Interim Reliability Instrument Guidelines details the process the AER will undertake, including stakeholder engagement, as part of its decision making process.

The final Reliability Instrument Guideline will be released 31 July 2020.

More interim guidelines for the RRO are expected in the coming months.

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