AEMO maps out path to 90 per cent renewables for Australia by 2040

Source: Renew Economy

12 December 2019

The newly released draft of the Integrated System Plan (ISP) by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) provides its 20-year-blueprint on how Australia’s grid should be managed and transitioned from the current ageing coal infrastructure.

This includes the need for 30GW of new wind and solar capacity to replace the retiring coal fleet, with that number potentially increasing to 47GW depending on how large of a commitment is made to climate change. In fact, coal will be virtually eliminated from the grid and gas will be out-priced by cheaper and more efficient storage technologies, with household solar likely to provide one quarter of electricity supply by 2040.

Along with this are priority projects that are considered to critically address cost, security and reliability issues, which include the maintenance or building of new interconnectors between states.

AEMO Boss Audrey Zibelman has been assuring in this blueprint, saying the “ISP sets out to build a least-cost system for Australia, but …. important additional work on market design and infrastructure funding options needs to be undertaken”.

This report is still in its drafting stage and won’t be finalised until the middle of 2020.

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