T&O Consulting is a market-leading provider of energy consultancy services. We provide wholly independent consultancy services and expertise to clients across Australia.

Established in 2007, our founding members combined their wealth of industry experience in business development, pricing, and forecasting to create a culture based on uncompromised customer service and choice. We continually liaise with energy retailers, networks and industry compliance areas to analyse market trends and policy. We also provide reporting services to ensure our clients can make an informed and educated decision regarding their energy requirements.

T&O currently work nationally across a range of sectors including: electricity networks, government, retail, manufacturing and food processing, property, IT, agriculture, and not-for-profit. We have established a reputation in the industry as being completely transparent and independent in conducting our procurement and advisory services and have built the company through business referrals. This is reflected in our long-term relationships with our existing clientele.

T&O provide consultancy reports to private companies, state governments, co-operatives, networks and industry organisations. These reports cover consumer rights, policy and regulatory changes effecting electricity and gas networks, pricing and market intelligence.

We also offer consultancy services and feasibility studies for renewable energy options.

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T&O acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land, and we pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and future.

Our Services

Energy Procurement

Manage the risk associated with rising energy prices through T&O’s managed procurement service.

Commercial Solar Energy Tenders

A solar system lifespan is 25 years; therefore, it is important to look at equipment, longevity and reliability when choosing a solar company.

Energy Efficiency & Audits

Renewables can provide long term price certainty for business whilst reducing energy.

Energy Management

T&O can offer innovative solutions to maximize energy efficiency, reduce costs and assist with compliance reporting.

Energy Market Consulting

Let T&O guide you through the complexities of the Australian energy markets.

Carbon Accounting Management

T&O can provide carbon accounting services and design a GHG Policy & Plan for your business.


To be Australia's leading independent energy specialist.


To educate and empower business with knowledge to move forward successfuly in the 'carbon age', putting our customers in the driver's seat.

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